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Prayog Systems is a power supply manufacturing organization in India that provides a wide variety of switching power supplies and linear power supplies in Wall Mount, Desktop, open frame configurations and ATX Styles. Manufactured in India, our power supplies are high quality and low-cost for the computer, peripheral, instrumentation, telecommunication, industrial, process control, and medical electronics industries.

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Power Adaptors

Customized Power adaptors as per your specification


Customized Convertors


Customized Inverters

Lamination Transformer

Low Cost Transformer

Computer Power Supply

High End Power Supply Designed for Computers

Linear Power Supply

High End linear Power Supply

OEM Bare Board

OEM Bare Board Power Supply


Uninterrupted Power Supply

Why you can rely with 100% confidence ON PrayogSystems Desinging Service.


We are happy to work with our customers in the way that suits you best. We can develop the product from your basic design specification, or even from a sample of your current product.


Our objective at Prayog Systems is to work in partnership with customers from the initial design stage through to completed delivery and beyond.

With Over Twenty Years of Industry Experience,Our Engineers will Help you Find the Right Module or Create Innovative Designs and Develop the Power Supply Module for your New Project

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