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Power: 100-2000W For use in cars, truck, trailer and mobile homes. Take the power inverter camping and get AC power for lamps, radios or TVs. In an emergency such as a blackout, attach the power inverter to your car battery or portable battery and get power to run your appliances.

Ultra-Compact Metal Housing Small and rugged; stores easily in any tool box, briefcase or glove compartment. Low-Battery Alarm/Shutdown Automatically detects low voltage and shuts down to preserve your battery. Integrated Fuse Protection Protects your battery and Power inverter from damage due to outlet overload. Illuminated On/Off Switch Shows Power inverter is operating and that your battery is sufficiently charged.

Prayog Systems Manufactures custom AC-DC adapters to match your specifications.

  • Input voltage range of 12VDC or 24VDC
  • Output voltage range of 110VAC or 240VAC
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    With Over Twenty Years of Industry Experience,Our Engineers will Help you Find the Right Module or Create Innovative Designs and Develop the Power Supply Module for your New Project

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