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Laminated Transformers

Prayog Systems offer a range of laminated transformers designed to your specification using the most up-to-date designs, materials, and manufacturing techniques.

Basic Design Requirements

  • Input voltages and frequency
  • Output voltages and currents
  • Size requirements
  • Termination - eg tags/ pins/ terminal blocks/ flying heads
  • Fixing - PCB, frame or clamp
  • Finish - air drying varnish or vacuum pressure impregnation varnish plus tropicalisation (enveloped)
  • Safety requirements - overload protection using thermal cutouts
  • Product Details :

  • Metric or imperial laminations
  • Split Bobbin construction
  • Insulation class "B" 130° C or higher
  • Protection as required
  • Quality

    Prayog Systems commitment to quality has been a vital part of business since inceptation.

    Our comprehensive Quality System ensures that quality control is strictly applied at every stage of the design and production process, and we incorporate all necessary safety specifications in line with your intended application and the latest quality standards. Every batch is subject to routine inspection, and each transformer receives 100% of final testing.

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