Prayog Systems

Prayog Systems is a power supply manufacturing organization in India that provides a wide variety of switching power supplies and linear power supplies in Wall Mount, Desktop, open frame configurations and ATX Styles.

Manufactured in India, our power supplies are high quality and low-cost for the computer, peripheral, instrumentation, telecommunication, industrial, process control, and medical electronics industries.

Through low-cost manufacturing, electronic databases and effective management, we have been able to reduce the cost of our products, while maintaining the quality of our products and services at the highest level.

We are not a big company, but a professional manufacturer of power supply , especially good at custom power supply. One stop power solution will be found here with our strong and years of experienced R&D team. We can also provide you OEM & ODM services with Non-Disclosure Agreement signed.

What you need to do is just send your specification to us, the solution will be sent back promptly. Our goal is to support our clients in any case, to make them strongly, to win and grow up together with our clients


Work in partnership with our customers to be their first choice for the supply of our products, systems and services. Is that every client will be more efficient, more profitable, and achieve stronger brand loyalty from their customers- due in part, to the service provided

Be the best in delivering reliable and quality assured Power Supply products, which are tailor made for our valued customers. Grow profitably both through the development of our existing business through investments.

Be a good employer investing in development and training of our people for long term. Conduct our business honestly and ethically and be environmentally responsible.

Our Works

Since the inception Prayog Systems is working constantly towards the goal of increased quality and continues technology updating and have been successful in delivering need based power supply requirements ranging from 5 watt power supply to 100w power supply varying from Adapters, Linear to SMPS type and a combination of both as required by our esteemed customers form time to time.

We are backed by a sound technical team having a field experience of over two decades exclusively in the power supply sector giving us the cutting edge in design and Technology as required by our customers, from design to production of the same with quality and price competing standards known in the industry.

With Over Twenty Years of Industry Experience,Our Engineers will Help you Find the Right Module or Create Innovative Designs and Develop the Power Supply Module for your New Project

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