We are happy to work with our customers in the way that suits you best. We can develop the product from your basic design specification, or even from a sample of your current product. We discuss the design with you at every stage to ensure that you receive a product solution which meets your needs as cost effectively as possible.

We also provide a sample approval service for our products. In addition, Prayog Systems will source materials very competitively from all over the world to ensure we obtain the right materials to match your product needs.

Any size of order is possible - as we have flexibility to modify our production capabilities in line with order quantities. Regardless of size we will always be committed to servicing your needs.


Our objective at Prayog Systems is to work in partnership with customers from the initial design stage through to completed delivery and beyond.

We recommend that you talk to us as early as possible in the design of your Power Supply -- in order that we can use our experience to help to bring production efficiencies to your business. For example, by managing your scheduling and delivery effectively, we can help to reduce your stock holding and therefore minimise your operating costs.

With Over Twenty Years of Industry Experience,Our Engineers will Help you Find the Right Module or Create Innovative Designs and Develop the Power Supply Module for your New Project

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